20 proofs you're a better mom than you think

The little things you do every day are what make you all truly great moms. Believe it!

If you’re a mom, you’re a worrier – or least a wonderer. You worry that your kids might get hurt. You wonder if they’re going to reach their potential. And chances are, you worry about not being a “perfect mom” every day. But the truth is, you’re all better moms than you probably give yourselves credit for. The kids love and appreciate all the mundane things moms do, and will remember even the most everyday moments as special, simply because they were shared with love. 

So if you ever start feeling hard on yourself, take a look at this checklist and see just how much you’re doing right when it comes to this motherhood gig. 

20 things great moms do every day

1) You got dressed!

2) You got your kids to school on time. Or at least before school let out.

3) You offered at least one vegetable with at least one meal. Don’t worry if said vegetable was actually eaten. That’s your kid’s job – not yours!

4) You sat at a soccer game in that hot day. Or the cold. Or both.

5) You let an overtired toddler sleep on your shoulder while you ate dinner.

6) You laughed at a joke that was not even a tiny bit funny.

7) You took a shower! Even if it was the last thing you did before going to sleep.

8) You drove for hours picking up and delivering children (even some of whom didn’t belong to you) to and from myriad activities.

9) You read your child a bedtime story. The same one you read last night, and the night before that, and the night before that…

10) You didn’t say, “I told you so,” or “I warned you,” or “What did you think was going to happen?” (Or at least, you didn’t say all three in succession to the same kid.)

11) You put away your phone during dinner.

12) You successfully feigned interest in your kid’s latest video game success.

13) You smiled at your husband.

14) You drove the forgotten book report to school. Even though you forgot to also bring the forgotten snack.

15) You turned off the TV.

16) You remembered to RSVP to yet another birthday party. Bonus points if you remember to buy the gift on time, too.

17) You acknowledged your child’s effort even when the end result was less than stellar.

18) You called your child by the right name.

19) You didn’t cry over spilled milk. Or juice. Or nail polish on the new couch.

20) You said “I love you.” And you meant it with all your heart. 

What made you a great mom today?

Share your deeds with our community! We’ll love to know.


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