School uniform routine

Avoid chaotic mornings and save time and money by getting your children’s school uniform routine in shape with these easy ideas.

Use baskets to keep school clothes organized
Use a small basket (or even a box lid) to separate off a section of your child’s drawers for school socks and underwear, so on Monday morning it’s no effort for sleepyheads to get dressed.

Smart essentials
No matter how small your child’s bedroom might be, putting a hook on the back of the door where the school blazer and tie live will help keep them handy and avoid them getting crumpled in other bedroom chaos.

Get your kids to organize their whites
Make laundry day easier by having separate laundry baskets – one for regular clothes and one for whites such as school clothes. Even toddlers can easily get into the routine of sorting their clothes into the right baskets as they take them off at the end of the day, and by the time your children are at junior school they can put the wash in the machine for you (perhaps with a little supervision until they learn about detergents and the right temperatures). A useful life skill!

PE Kit rules
Regularly check your child hasn’t outgrown school sneakers or trainers. When the kit bag comes home at the end of the week, always put it on the same coat hanger in the hall so it’s no hassle to re-pack washed items on Sunday night and helps you establish a routine.

Cleaning sports boots

Keeping sports shoes clean will make them last longer and save you money. Let mud dry and bash off the loose chunks, then use an old knife (old baby cutlery you no longer use is ideal) to get off the rest of the dirt. Wet wipes or a damp rag are ideal for a clean finish.


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