Spend time with your family during Ramadan

Spend time with your family during Ramadan

Ramadan is a period of the year ideal to spend quality time with the family. It’s a moment for spiritually uplifting.

So, eating suhoor & Iftar together and praying should be encouraged by everyone in the house, as this time can also be used to catch up and remind each other of the blessings of Ramadan. Learn here how to enjoy your family company.

Get children involved

Make your home a spiritual hub during Ramadan as children become excited about the different routine that turns the Holy month so special. So here are some practical activities you can do to encourage children to take part in the spirit of Ramadan:

1)    Teach them about the virtues of fasting

2)    Get creative by writing out Ramadan greeting cards for friends and relatives.

3)    Invite them to help prepare Iftar by cooking some child-friendly recipes.

4)    Reward them for their good behavior verbally.

During Ramadan show appreciation for your family member’s help, especially your husband. Remember that this is a time to catch up and reflect together about the Ramadan blessings.

Eat & Pray together

One of the main reasons for family issues in modern times is due to the lack of bonding time; historically, meal times would be when everyone gets together in many cultures. Due to busy schedules, the family may not always get together and eat but Ramadan is the perfect time for the family to come together for suhoor and iftar!

So, for Ramadan encourage your family to break the fast together every day. At these times when you eat together as a family you can also remember Allah’s blessings and inspire each other to have a more productive Ramadan.

Block out quality time with your spouse

During Ramadan it can be difficult to find time to spend with your spouse as they may be at work and when they are home, it will not be long before iftar time and then a rush off to taraweeh prayers.

Before you know it, Ramadan feels like a month where you are less connected with your spouse although it should be the most spiritually uplifting month. Enjoy the company of each other as you walk or drive to the mosque. Stay spiritually connected and express love with actions such as feeding your spouse or kissing them before leaving for prayer.

Do you and your family do any special activities during Ramadan? Share them with us.


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