The Mother's Day Flowers

The Mother's Day Flowers

No matter what your message is to your mom this Mother's Day, there is a flower to help you convey it.

Follow Everydayme’s advice on how to create a meaningful bouquet of beautiful blooms.

She’s the most beautiful

Reflect her beauty with stock, magnolia, bird of paradise, camelia, lily, amaryllis, lavender colored heather and the queen of all: orchid.

Shower-support and comfort

Brighten her day with marigold, azalea, poppy, yellow flowers and for a push of luck, bell of Ireland.

Reminder of strength and bravery

King protea, French willow, borage and daffodil to which you can add bayor oak leaves.

In praise of her devotion and wisdom

Honor her with honeysuckle, moss, orange blossom, fennel and pink carnation, the color of motherhood and mother’s love.

To bring her happiness and bliss.

Let your love shine with calendula, dandelion and sunflower.

To each grace its due hue Bluebell (humility), hyacinth (constancy), daffodil (respect), angelica (inspiration) and violet (modesty).

As you compose a floral tribute, add a few plum and lemon blossoms, blue salvia and agrimonias, because at the heart of every Mother’s Day, you really want to say «I love you» and «Thank you»



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