7 things you should never do in front of your kids

There’s no set script for parents, but certain things are better left unsaid around kids.

Being a mom is hard. It often feels like the last thing you need is another set of rules and regulations. Even though advice can be overwhelming, it's still important to try to do best by our little ones.

Instead of adding to your huge to-do list, simply avoid these tricky scenarios. Your relationship with your children will thrive when you cut out negativity.

1. Gossip
Your kids are smart. They're listening. Don't gossip about friends, teachers, family members, or anyone else when your kids are around. They could misunderstand what you're saying, or they could think that it's OK to share private information about other adults.

2. Yell
Kids can be insanely frustrating. When you yell at them, it might feel good to let off steam, but it won't help the situation. Kids will yell back or focus only on your anger, and not the message you're trying to send. Adopt a quiet voice when you really need to get your point across.

3. Vent about your husband
Remember the part where kids are listening? It applies here too. Don't badmouth your kids' dad in front of them. Even seemingly harmless venting can put kids in an awkward position. Worse, it could erode your kids' respect for you or your husband.

4. Hate on your body
Whether you're raising sons or daughters, you need to model healthy self-image. Don't talk about feeling fat or hating the way you look. Your kids will learn to self-criticize. They think you're beautiful. Don't you want them to grow up feeling confident and beautiful, too?

5. Stress about money
An offhand comment about not being able to afford something can send kids into a spiral of worry. You may have meant a pair of heels, but they might wonder if they'll be out on the streets in a few weeks. Don't talk about money in front of your kids unless you're discussing ways to use money responsibly.

6. Fret about their health
Every kid has quirks. Yours might have frequent ear infections or an allergy. Don't talk about your kid's health issues as inconveniences. They'll feel guilty and they might even hide symptoms from you.

7. Tell lies
Unless you're talking about the Tooth Fairy, you should avoid telling lies in front of your kids. Be particularly careful about excusing lies because they're just "little white lies." If you don't want your kids to lie to you, don't normalize lying.

What else do you try to avoid doing or saying in front of your kids?

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