How to maintain a guest-ready home

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Tricks and tips you can utilize to create a tidy, guest-ready home.

Tricks and tips you can utilize to create a tidy, guest-ready home.

It’s hard enough maintaining a clean, clutter-free home that’s ready to receive guests at short notice, so it may seem near impossible to do so when you’re living with others. While different habits, schedules and hygiene habits living under one roof may make it tricky to preserve a constant state of cleanliness, there are a few tricks and tips you can utilize to create a tidy, guest-ready home.

What are the challenges?

Two-thirds of women enjoy receiving compliments for a home that looks and smells great. However, only 56% of women surveyed have actually received compliments for their house smelling great.

The common odors faced at home include – smells from cooking garlic, smells from cooking fish and lamb, smells from sweaty clothes, smells from dirty shoes and also smells from garbage within the household.

How can you fight these odors?

Freshen up the living areas with relaxing scents.

The living room and kitchen are where everyone tends to congregate – after work, family dinner, post-football match, pre-shower. So it can tend to smell a little funky. Luckily there’s an easy, fuss-free solution:

Febreze Air Effects – with an amazing variety of fragrances, it doesn’t just cover, but truly eliminates odors and replace them with good, clean air.

Always clean and tidy as you go.

Mess usually generates more mess. So make it a point to clean up straightaway, whether it’s washing the dishes after dinner, putting your things away after completing a project, or wiping up spills immediately. Lead by example and your family will no doubt follow.

Say it with flowers.

There’s nothing like a few fresh blooms, dotted here and there, to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere. For maximum impact, place a bouquet at the entranceway, and another in the bathroom – this infuses the space with a pleasant fragrance and helps liven up the otherwise sterile interior.


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