A guide to rejuvenating your spring wardrobe

A guide to rejuvenating your spring wardrobe

Check out our simple guide to rejuvenating your spring wardrobe

"I have NOTHING to wear!" Funnily enough, it’s a moan often uttered while staring helplessly into an overflowing wardrobe, and it happens every year, doesn’t it?

But before you descend into full panic mode and start flinging your credit card at every semi-helpful shop assistant, check out our simple guide to rejuvenating your spring wardrobe:

Lay it all out

Excavate all your clothes and lay them out in a room. (Some of us may need two rooms.) This will help you unearth your long-lost favorites.

Separate and segregate

Divide your mountain of clothes into fall/winter and spring/summer piles and do a quick inventory of what you have and what you need.

Use your nose

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When clothes emerge from the depths of your wardrobe, they often smell like musty mothballs. So fire up the washing machine and bundle the worst offenders in!

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Put on a fashion show

Try on all your spring clothes and ask yourself: Do I look cool in this? Have I worn it in the past year? Repeat every new season: If the answer is no, then it’ll have to go!

Rearrange and reassess 

It’s time to stack those shelves! Categorize and organize into groups for easy access: basics (t-shirts, casual tops), sweaters, shirts, skirts, pants; then reassess to see what you need (and want) from the shops. 

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