New routines, new plans.

New routines, new plans.

Maintaining a fresh, crisp atmosphere when sharing space with others isn't impossible; it simply needs a new outlook.

Sometimes we just feel the urge for new beginnings, don’t we? We plan new resolutions and new routines for our lives and especially for our homes. No one likes living in a smelly home, but let’s face it – trying to maintain a fresh, crisp atmosphere when you’re sharing the space with others can be tricky. But it’s not impossible; all it takes is some fresh thinking and new routines!

“My children leave the bathroom smelling like a public restroom.”

No one likes to be greeted by a virtual wall of stink when they really, really need to go. What you need is Febreze Air Freshener – an odor eliminating spray that will eradicate those smelly molecules and leave nothing but a delicate fragrance behind. Do this every morning or any time you feel the smell is getting out of hand.

“Living with two teenage boys, a man and a dog – my couch has reached new levels in the stink stakes.”

Sweaty after-sport odors and doggy smells are furniture’s worst enemies. Arm yourself with a Febreze Air Freshener for your living room.

Do this every week and don’t forget the curtains, cushions, carpet and mattresses while you’re at it.

“I love cooking with garlic but my family hates the odor that lingers after.”

There’s no need to eliminate garlic from your menu, just incorporate Febreze Air Freshener into your post-cooking cleaning routine. The aerosol removes stinky smells from the air instead of merely masking them with fragrance, leaving you with a delicately scented, more appetizing ambience.

Do this every night after you’ve cooked dinner!

“I live in a house and my closet smells tired and musty. What can I do to make it smell more inviting?”

Febreze small spaces targets and eliminates lingering smells, leaving only a light, refreshing fragrance behind. The scents are designed to last for 30 days giving your home a continually fresh scent. We get used to smells after a certain time, so it’s best to change your air freshener fragrance every three months. 


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