4 quick fixes for nasty home smells

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There are some areas of the house that don’t always smell great. Here are four handy tips

There are some areas of the house that don’t always smell great. So let’s do something about them! Here are four handy tips for ensuring…

1 – Your wardrobe no longer smells musty

Context:  Hung up in the wardrobe, it only takes a week or so before our favorite little jumper starts smelling like it’s been left in an old box in the attic or basement for months. 

Handy tip: Air the wardrobe out properly. You may even wish to leave its doors open for a day. Then, in a small gauze sachet, place a few pieces of chalk which will absorb the humidity. For a fresh smell, try Febreze Continuous Diffuser for Small Spaces – it doesn’t just cover up but truly eliminates odors. You will love its continuous action for up to 30 days!
And also: Musty odors or clothes that aren’t fragrantly fresh after they’ve been hung in a wardrobe can be caused by laundry that is put away before it is completely dry. Try to watch out for this. 

2 – Your fridge no longer smells like a cheese counter 


Context: It’s always the same: every time you open the fridge door you get that smell of cheddar, Edam, blue cheese…Our nostrils are hit with a whole range of cheesy smells. 

Handy tip: Most importantly, remember to put this tasty treat in an airtight container. The trick: place a sugar cube inside the box as this will absorb any humidity. Less humidity means fewer bacteria can develop, and fewer bacteria mean fewer odors. 
And also: To eliminate odors in your fridge for the long term, there’s the essential lemon. Cut into two, stick one or two cloves inside and that’s it! Throw the lemon away once it has dried out. 

3 - Your toilets no longer smell like public toilets

Context: If you’ve got to go, you head off to the toilet...where you’re faced with a whole range of lingering smells.
Handy tip: It's as simple as…a match. When your toilet is not smelling like roses, just strike a match (the sulphur gets rid of odors in record time).
And also: Once a week, you could drip a few essential drops of lavender, pine or ylang-ylang onto a pebble placed in the toilets. As a final touch, place the Febreze Continuous Diffuser for Small Spaces for cleaner air and freshness.

4 - You can no longer smell your bin from three meters away

Context: No matter what you seem to do, every time you walk past the bin in the kitchen or outside, there’s that indescribable, stifling smell. 
Handy tip: Put a small amount of cat litter in the bottom of the bin or in the bin bag itself. Another option: use bags with an active carbon filter (these are used in extractor hoods.)
And also: Think of using smaller bin bags. The faster they get filled up, the more often we change them, and so odors don’t have the time to escape. Don’t forget to use Febreze Continuous Diffuser for Small Spaces in the trash cabinet for up to 30 days of freshness. 


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