5 Must-have Kitchen Tools For Your Iftar

Is your kitchen all set to prepare delicious dishes during this week?

Kitchen drawers are notorious for collecting strange tools you think you’ll use every night — but hardly ever see any time outside the drawer. Clean out your kitchen-tool cache and get these five must-have, utilitarian items.

1. A Micro-plane Grater

This hand-held tool is the perfect way to add gourmet flavor to your favorite foods. From hard cheeses to nuts and spices or even citrus zest, the micro-plane grater gives you the ability to add myriad ingredients to your dishes. Try using it in place of finely chopping ingredients like garlic, when a recipe calls for it.

2. Adjustable Measuring Cup

Accurate measuring is essential for baking, and you can easily end up searching for and cleaning out multiple measuring cups. Never search for the missing measuring cup now with an all-in-one adjustable measuring cup that can handle both dry and liquid ingredients, and with a simple twist, moves up and down to line you need.

3. Silicone Spoon and Spatula

This all-in-one tool is tough, flexible and highly heat-resistant, making it perfect for stirring, scraping, sautéing, scooping and serving with just one piece of kitchenware.

Silicone tools typically come in lots of bright colors, but look for darker colors to mask inevitable spots and staining.

Recipe Tip: Use your new spoon and spatula combo to serve up a delicious dinner of lettuce wraps.

4. Kitchen Shears

A good, sharp pair of kitchen shears is essential for your culinary cupboard. Modern shears also come with other handy features attached like, bottle/box openers, a nut/shell cracker and even a screwdriver. Use them to cut open stubborn packages, or trim meats and vegetables. Just make sure to clean thoroughly between uses.

Tip: If you use fresh herbs or even grow your own at home, kitchen shears are perfect for clipping what you need from the pot or even trimming instead of chopping.

5. Tongs

What can’t you do with tongs? From turning to tossing, grabbing to serving, tongs keep you nimble as you cook and act as heatproof extensions of your own fingers. Soft-tipped or silicone tongs will help you grip without damaging or crimping the food, too.

Recipe Tip: Safely flip and remove these classic meat puff pastry from a hot pan with your trusty tongs. Not only does this recipe make use of chicken leftover, it's quick and easy to put together using each of the essential tools from this list.


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