7 Super fast, super easy appetizers

Offer your guests delicious appetizers (which are also easy to make!)

These snacks prepared in a jiffy are super yummy and will impress your guests! Check them out:

1. Prunes or dates wrapped in turkey ham: Nobody can resist this treat. All you have to do is wrap the fruit in half a strip of turkey, secure with a toothpick, and put on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Bake until golden. When done, drain the dates or prunes on paper towels.

2. Shrimp cocktail: You can buy cooked frozen shrimp and keep them in the freezer for these occasions. When you need them you just have to prepare a rose sauce with a little mayonnaise, ketchup, and a bit of Worcestershire sauce.

3. Smoked turkey ham and melon skewers: Cut cantaloupe into balls using a small ice cream scoop, or cut into little cubes if you prefer. Prepare the skewers, alternating between a piece of melon and half a slice of turkey rolled up. Each skewer can have two or three pieces of cantaloupe and two or three pieces of turkey.

4. Cheese and tomato skewers: It's like a Caprese salad, but an individual portion. Just put the little ball of mozzarella cheese, a fresh basil leaf, and a cherry tomato on a skewer. Drizzle a little virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and they're ready!

5. Assorted cold cut platter: Combine a little beef salami, chicken sausage and turkey ham all sliced thinly on a tray. Serve with olives and slices of fresh or toasted bread, and you'll impress everyone with this delicious but super easy appetizer.

6. Cheese and fruit assortment: Place three or more varieties of cheese on a wooden cutting board (choose different textures to add variety), and serve with grapes, strawberries, and other fruits of your choosing. You can also serve this with sliced fresh bread or salty crackers combined with jelly!

7. Raw vegetables with blue cheese dip: Arrange carrot and celery sticks, raw pieces of broccoli and cauliflower on a platter, and serve with a blue cheese dip for a colorful presentation that is healthy and tasty. To make the blue cheese dip, you just need to blend a little natural yogurt (Greek yogurt is best) with the blue cheese.

What are your favorite fast appetizers? Share them with us :)


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