Fill your home with natural color

Even if you live in a flat, you can surround yourself with beautiful flowers and plants. Here’s how.

You don’t have to have a big garden to enjoy the seasons inside and out. With a little knowledge of what plants like sunshine and shade, and how to keep them watered, you could have your very own DIY Kew Gardens.

Great indoor plants for your home:



With its large leaves in vibrant greens with white veins, Pothos is one of the easiest house plants to cultivate. Simply keep it in full light, water sparingly and feed it with liquid fertilizer once a month.



This flowering plant, also called ‘false jasmine’, is very sturdy and requires little care. Keep the plant in a light spot and feed it once a month. It blooms in June and July and should be watered well during this flowering period.


This pretty plant’s leaves can fill your room with colour – from yellow to bright red or fuchsia. Let it have lots of sunlight, water it regularly and feed it every 20 days or so.


Elegant and easy to grow, carnation flowers should be exposed to full sunlight and watered regularly. A potassium-rich fertilizer will help it flourish.

Kentia palm

Also known as the Howea Forsteriana Palm. Plant it in a small pot, located where it will get indirect sunlight in morning and late afternoon, and ideally away from electrical items like your television. Water about once a week, when the top layer of soil feels dry, and mist the leaves. Avoid leaving it in stagnant water or over-watering the trunk or stems which could rot. Feed it with a slow-release fertilizer twice a year – in Spring and Summer. Change the pot and soil every two or three years. 


With a little care and attention you’ll get lots of pretty blooms from a petunia from mid-spring right through to late-autumn. Keep it in full light and water every two or three days in spring and more often during the summer months. Every 20-30 days it should be fertilized with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.


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