4 Flowers Perfect for Valentine's Day

Red roses are always a beautiful option, but if you're looking for unique flowers this Valentine's Day, here are four gorgeous alternatives.

Red roses are always a beautiful and traditional option, but if you’re looking for flowers this Valentine’s Day that are unique and striking, here are four gorgeous alternatives.

1. Heart Roses

If you like roses, consider shopping for different colors — pink, purple, and white — to keep the sentiment of giving flowers but also keep costs under control.

Tip: While a big bouquet makes a loving declaration, add orchids and hydrangeas for a modern touch. Look out for a rose variety called 'heart'.

2. Amaryllis

These large-petal flowers come in varieties of red, burgundy and red-stripes. They are stunning by themselves or in a bouquet mixed with roses and hydrangeas. Amaryllis is a flowering bulb, so it can be showcased as a single plant or in a cluster as a centerpiece.

Tip: Don’t mix them with more than three flowers, as you don’t want to overwhelm their elegant beauty.

3. Peonies

Peonies come in exquisite red and burgundy colors for Valentine's Day. These sumptuously shaped blooms also come in fuchsia and soft shades of pinks.

Tip: Arrangements can be all red or mixed with the palest pink for pretty contrast. Nestle them together with a white hydrangea for an enchanting combination.

4. Tulips

Tulips are another flower that won’t be hard to find during Valentine’s Day. They can be simple and stylish by themselves or mixed with other flowers, such as roses, orchids and blush. Mixing hot pinks with red is very romantic in any arrangement.

Tip: Flower prices soar around Valentine's Day, especially for red flowers. Go shopping at the flower markets, farmers markets or grocery stores for significantly lower costs. Also, mix and match colors like white and pink to offset the cost.

If budget isn’t a concern, make sure to order your flowers at least a week in advance from a florist. Regardless of how simple or extravagant the arrangement, beautiful flowers will help you celebrate the heartwarming tradition and decorate your home.


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