5 Table Décor Trends for The Stylish Host

As your family and friends gather, make a bold statement with the latest table-setting trends.

It’s that time of year again when the dinner table takes center stage. It’s a lot of hard work playing host to all those people, but we know you wouldn’t have it any other way, so why not use it as an opportunity to update your tableware and make your home as stylish as it is inviting?

Go organic

Many have turned away from lavish glitz and instead reconnected with more natural and simple interior style, inspired by the wellness movement.

Here are some organic décor ideas to try:

  • Use wooden serving platters, natural coloured stoneware and rustic/DIY table accessories.
  • Fill the table with candles in modernist or wooden candleholders
  • Display simple garden greenery strewn down the table. For a final flourish
  • Use linen napkins in a dove grey or fawn as placeholders, topped with a single sprig of rosemary or sage. Check out how to grow your own rosemary here

Pick and mix style

Forget the traditional matching dinnerware set – instead, embrace a more haphazard and homely look. Put the fun and heart back into your meals by using all the plates and serving platters that bring you joy, regardless of their color and pattern. Just mix, match and layer. The beauty is in the imperfection!

3. Think about textures

Shiny gold and copper metallics are no longer the dish du jour – those in the know have been embracing darker and more rugged textures. Think aluminium, pewter and tin, all mixed with granite and black lava stone. We know what you’re thinking, and although it doesn’t sound particularly vibrant, these darker, moodier shades create a real intimacy when layered together with some twinkling candles, warming winter food and some earthy tea. Make sure you have a bottle of Fairy Platinum Liquid on hand to make light work of cleaning all of those different surfaces.

4. The new sophisticated look

For a sophisticated twist that will bring your interior style up to date, try emerald green and bronze instead. A simple but striking way to do it is to use your existing white dinnerware and tablecloths, and incorporate emerald green glasses, green napkins, bronze cutlery and brass serving platters. Layering metallic plates under white dinnerware will add an indulgent element to your dinners, while keeping a clean and modern feel.

5. Opulent bohemia

If minimalism is not your style, let’s move over to plates that have their own personality with beautiful artistic patterns. Leave the summer shades of pastel in the cupboard and opt for darker colours like, deep purples, ruby, vibrant emerald green, sapphire blue and contrasting colours. Use your colourful meals to add to the creative table setting so that everyone will breaking out their phones to capture your masterpiece!


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