Don't match up, mix it up

Abandon uniformity! Change a room from ordinary to stylish using contrasting colours and shapes and create interesting focal points.

  • Use contrast to give depth to a room.
  • For maximum effect group a couple of vases together, either in shades of the same colour or in contrasting colours.
  • Change a look by putting reeds, thin branches, ivy or wire art in your vases.
  • One fresh flower per vase – long-stemmed or short – looks artistic and stylish.

DIY lantern

Turn paper doilies into lampshades for tea light candles in glasses. Cut a hole in the centre of the doily and slide it over a wineglass containing a tea light.

3693-mixmatch_1DIY Lantern

Budding artists

Let kids carefully draw designs or names on plain glasses with a permanent marker or specialised glass paint.

3693-mixmatch_2Budding artists

From chipped to candlestick

Don’t throw out chipped glasses; recycle them into something useful. Stack inverted glasses and glue them together with a little glue to make stunning candlesticks. Remove unwanted glue immediately (it becomes rock-hard in minutes). Thinners are the best to remove glue; handle in a well-ventilated area. Display a range of candleholders made from a variety of glasses for dramatic table lighting.

3693-mixmatch_3From chipped to candlestick

Colour savvy

When you’re on a tight budget hit weekend markets, second hand and charity shops and church bazaars, rich sources for treasure hunters. Focus on one colour and mix florals, stripes and other patterns on porcelain, enamelware, pottery and glass in various shades of the same colour. Black, white and grey combine well, for example.

3693-mixmatch_4Colour savvy

All sorts

Choose glasses and plates of various shapes and sizes in the same colour or similar shades. For an interesting table setting mix and match beer and wine glasses with tumblers.

3693-mixmatch_5All sorts

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