Memories made modern

Learn how to incorporate family heirlooms, inherited pieces and beautiful found objects from the past into your current decor.

Baby’s bed grow up

Vintage style metal cribs often have attractive decorative swirls incorporated in their design. Transform a crib into a daybed by having one side cut away and a sturdy base added. An antique paint effect is part of the charm.                  

Framed family photos


Have you inherited a few old photographs of unknown relatives in beautiful antique frames? Instead of hanging them on the walls, why not use them as trays? Remember though, to protect the photograph with a piece of glass.

Mix and match old with new

Display your vintage-inspired finds along with your inherited items in your kitchen. Give the room a modern twist by incorporating clear chairs.                                  

Serve up your memories

Wrap elastic thread tightly around platters or plates and weave your old family photographs through them. Hang your plates on the wall with plate hangers, so you can move them around when you want to create a new look. This is a great way to make use of old plates that have sentimental value but can no longer be used for serving.                              

From sewing to dressing

Give an old sewing machine table a new lease of life by painting it white and replacing the top. Add a big mirror and you have an elegant dressing table.                                   

Accessories on display


Put an old dressmaker’s dummy on display and dress it up with a pretty top in a colour that matches your bedroom decor and use it to store your accessories in plain sight.               

Trophies in bloom


Place a piece of florist’s foam and some water into small clear plastic bags. Make sure they will fit inside the various old trophies in your collection. Arrange a few flowers in each bag and put them into the trophies. Group these on a table or the windowsill for a bit of scent and colour.

Single for a double                                                               

If you have a charming vintage-style metal headboard that is meant for a single bed, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a double bed. To make it work, keep the arrangement symmetrical by creating a ‘triangle’ for the eye to follow from the broader bed at the base, up past the headboard, to the ‘apex’ marked with a focal point, such as our clock.


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