Caring for Fabrics and Relaxing at Home

Caring for Fabrics and Relaxing at Home


Compiling for you the greatest tips andtricks on caring for fabrics so you can enjoy extended times of relaxing athome.

Are you spending a lot of time at home like most of us these days? This new reality has increased the importance of staying relaxed whether in our clothes or in between our sheets when it’s time for an afternoon nap or at the end of the day.

The lifespan of your fabrics depends on how you treat them and here are some of the best tips to preserve them as much as possible:


1-              Check the label first at all times

Those labels that come attached to your items of clothing are there for a reason. So read the manufacturer’s instructions before washing them to make sure they don’t alter in shape during the process.


2-              Protect your fabrics during the wash

It could be too late to care for your clothes after the damage is done. The harsh washing process can cause your fabrics to stretch, pill or fade but Downy’s range of fabric enhancers can help them keep their original shape more easily. Turns out your clothes and sheets also need conditioning just like your hair does.


3-              Care for your fabrics’ fresh fragrance

There is nothing more frustrating than clothes, bedsheets and towels that smell bad, especially with spending so much time at home. Downy adds a refreshing fragrance to your laundry but there are other tips you follow to avoid bad odors. These include washing dirty laundry right away and drying it as soon as the wash is over, especially for dirty and sweaty clothes like your workout outfits. With Downy’s liquid fabric enhancers, they’re sure to smell clean and fresh again after each was. For an extra boost of freshness, toss Downy UNSTOPABLES In-Wash Scent Booster beads into your washing machine and enjoy a lasting fresh scent.


4-              Don’t wring your clothes after washing them

It’s a habit most women have, but wringing your clothes before leaving them out to dry them doesn’t do them any good. To remove excess water, lay them flat on a bath towel and roll it up from the bottom to press out the water as you go.


5-              Don’t hang all your clothes out to dry

Some items of clothing stretch even more when you hang them out to dry. We are talking about those heavy clothes like sweaters and knits, and even cottons. The best way is to lay them flat on your drying rack.


6-              Know when to use hangers and when to fold

Since sweaters tend to stretch, don’t hang them, just fold them. On the other hand, a t-shirt or blouse should be stored with hangers to avoid last minute ironing as you head out the door. Most importantly, use hangers that fit well with your items. If the hanger is too large, it can also cause stretching.


7-              Get an extra scent boost inside your closet

There’s nothing like smelling your favorite scent each morning when opening your closet. This is what happens when you use Downy’s UNSTOPABLES In-Wash Scent Booster beads. All you have to do is toss the right dosage into your empty machine, add your clothes, detergent and fabric enhancer, before enjoying a scent that lasts up to 12 weeks in storage.


What did you think of our tips and tricks on caring for fabrics? Tell us in the comments if you have tried Downy’s fabric enhancers to keep your fabrics looking and smelling great.



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