Laundry Care: Banishing washing odours

Laundry Care: Banishing washing odours

It’s true, not all laundry loads come out looking clean and smelling fresh. There are a number of reasons for it.

We’ve tracked down some of the biggest culprits for bad laundry odours and found the best way to prevent them.

Laundry should be washed frequently

Don’t leave your pile of laundry sitting unwashed for a long time. The longer you keep them, the longer the smells stay on your clothes. Make it a point to wash your laundry more often. If only one thing needs cleaning, consider hand washing it.

Don’t let sweaty clothes get too comfortable

After a grueling workout, don’t let sweaty clothes linger in a plastic bag or your gym bag. Toss them in the laundry basket and, wash them as soon as you can.

Freshen up your bath towels

Towels start off all nice and fluffy, but they can become harsh and smelly. Wash them separately using the temperature that’s safe for the fabric (always check the label) and add the right amount of detergent. Dry as soon as possible and air well.

Perspiration smells and stains

Even with a good deodorant, some smells can work their way into your clothes. Pre-treat the area with detergent then soak in warm water solution. Wash as instructed on the fabric care label.

Give your washing machine a hygiene check too!

While swift and prompt action on your laundry is advisable, an unhygienic washing machine can also add to the unpleasant odour on your clothes. Here are a few simple tips to keeping your washing machine clean.

Keep it smelling good Once a month, set an empty wash and use a detergent that contains oxygen bleach, such as Ariel with a Touch of Downy so your machine smells good throughout.

Take laundry out of the washer or drier promptly

Take your clothes out as soon as the wash cycle has ended. If you don’t, they’ll quickly develop a musty smell. Many machines come with a timer or delay switch, so you can time it to start automatically and end when you’re due home.

For freshness that lasts. And lasts. And lasts.

Following the tips above will certainly have your clothes smelling good. But for a truly captivating scent, try Ariel with a Touch of Downy (in powder or capsules). Its special

formulation ensures clothes smell fresh for up to 5 days, not to mention leaving them feeling

soft and looking impeccable in just one wash.


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