Relax, Take it Easy, and Think Tide!

Brought to you by Tide
Boys will be boys. Don't worry about the dirt!

We all have those days where our husbands tell us that they are going to take the kids out and that we should relax, in theory of course. So after spending the day finishing up most of the chores around the house, you decide to finally relax and take a little break. 
So you decide to make some tea and start watching your favorite TV show, when suddenly, your child walks in with your husband and their clothes are COVERED in dirt! The new white shirt you bought your husband the other is completely brown. Your first reaction is to shout, but relax, take it easy, and think Tide! 
Yes, Tide is will take care of this problem with no extra steps with simply one step! So calm yourself down, let your kid wash up and give you their dirty clothes, put them in the washing machine, and with no extra steps, everything will be back to normal.
Tide is here to save the day and to allow you to relax and take it easy!



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