Stain Fixers: tips to make your clothes new again

Pollen stains, candle wax, nail varnish and the worst, red stains.

Discover some handy tips for making an item of clothing like new again!   

“I stained my white blouse with pistils.”

A bouquet of lilies, a white blouse... warning, I sense danger! You’re feeling all romantic, thanks to a beautiful bouquet of lilies. You lean in to smell their wonderful fragrance and oops the orange pollen touches your white blouse!                           

Breathe and get over it!            

Action 1: above all, do not scrub the stain as this is the best way for the pollen to become embedded in the fabric.

Action 2: take a piece of adhesive tape and use it to remove as much of the pollen as possible.

Action 3: using a white cloth soaked in make-up remover or oxygenated water, gently dab the mark before putting all of this in the washing machine together.

Do you know the trick that florists use?

As soon as a lily opens, they take a pair of scissors and cut off the pistil. This way they can work with the lily and smell their wonderful fragrance without the risk of any stains!

“Candle wax has dripped onto my favourite table cloth.”

You’ve created a cosy atmosphere, with background music and a few candles on the  table. Everything is ready for a night in or a dinner with friends. Then, during the evening, a sudden movement or a guest that likes playing with wax leads to a nastysurprise: wax on your table cloth.                   

Don’t panic, keep cool!                                                  

Action 1: wait until the wax cools down fully.

Action 2: place kitchen roll underneath and on top of the table cloth where the mark is, before ironing over it using a low temperature (wool). The kitchen paper will absorb the softened wax.                                           

Do you know the magic ingredient, which stops candle wax from running? Salt! Pour some cold water into a large salad bowl. Add a large handful of coarse salt and mix it until it melts. Immerse the candles into the salad bowl, leave them to soak for a good ten minutes and then dry them by patting them with a towel.     

“I spilled nail varnish on my trousers.”                       

A fashion accessory, a reflection of our femininity, we’re obviously referring to nail polish! You fell in love with that carmine red nail varnish in the shop. As soon as you get home, you want to try it out. So impatient! You hurry onto the sofa, unscrew the bottle and just as you move the brush towards your nails, a humungous drop of red nail varnish spreads across your trousers.

You imagine it again and again in slow motion and scold yourself for being so impatient!                                

The emergency ingredient: acetone-based nail varnish remover and lots of patience.

The essential tool: a cloth and some cotton buds.

The right action: with a clean cloth soaked in nail varnish remover, gently rub the stain making sure not to make it any bigger. Repeat the action until it has completely disappeared. For more precision, use cotton buds to get the job done properly.                      

Shall we let you in on a beauticians’ secret? It’s all about organisation! You’ve got to get into the habit of applying your nail varnish while sat at a table. Rest your arms on the table (up to the elbow). That way, any drops of nail polish will be on the table and not your trousers. 


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