Waiting for the Laundry to Finish

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What to do that with little extra time just for YOU!

Wondering what to do while you're waiting for your laundry to finish? So you just put your laundry in the washing machine with Tide, and you have a bit of time do something else! Why not try one of the following things which you probably haven't done in a while!
1. Exercise - You can't go wrong with doing a little excercise, whether it be any cardio or a little bit of weights for 30 minutes. Hop on the treadmill and get your heart beating. Not only is it good for you, but it will make you feel better throughout the day!
2. Grab a book - We all have had some curiousity about certain books on our book shelves. Why not grab one and start reading it? Or download a book to your smart device and this way you can also have it on the go! 
3. TV - Watch your favorite TV show and catch up or start a new one! There are so many series out there that are worth watching, that you can't go wrong! This way everytime your laundry is in the wash, you will have something new to watch!
In little time or no time, your laundry will be done and you would have gotten a little time to enjoy yourself :)


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