Health Hacks: Cod Liver Oil 

It may be strange but, despite all the advances in science, the age-old recipe of cod liver oil is back in favour for maintaining good health. Many people have those childhood memories of its horrible taste, but it is really stuffed full of benefits for the body's well-being. As often, the ancient remedies are still the best.

Fortunately, we can now get all the benefits without the problems of taste from the capsules on sale in all pharmacy departments.
Its properties are truly remarkable.

  • It is rich in vitamins A and D and stimulates growth.
  • It prevents rickets and infectious diseases in general. 

  • It is also an anti-oxidant as it neutralises certain free radicals, and has a beneficial action on the skin and associated structures.
  • It is also useful in helping the joints to function smoothly.
  • It is rich in omega 3, which the body does not produce by itself, well-known for its beneficial effects against cardiovascular afflictions. 

The benefits of cod liver oil treatment need no further proof. Regular treatment is recommended with an average dose of 2 gm. per day taken with a little water in the middle of breakfast. And this is valid for both children and adults.

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