Social media taking over Family time

With busy schedules and stressful environments, we could all use more of quality family time in order to unwind and connect with our loved ones. But how do we do that when all our free time is spent with our laptops, tablets, phones or televisions?

In this day and age, it’s unrealistic to expect people to unplug completely, but we should learn to draw the line when technology keeps us away from spending quality time with our family.

Go Offline

Set specific times as ‘offline’ times such as family meals, family meetings and fun nights. Offline times require all members to abstain from connecting with anyone or anything that is not present in the room. Ask all family members to respect ‘offline’ times. Also, create a penalty for breaking the ‘offline’ rule such as, making hot cocoa for the rest of the members or cleaning up after the family meal.

Who’s Watching?

These days televisions tend to be switched on unnecessarily. Turn it off when no one is watching. This will give you to time to catch up on each others day. A switched on TV creates a communication block amongst people, especially younger children.

 So the phones and televisions are off. Now what? Use this precious time to create a family ritual or tradition. Undoubtedly, traditions and rituals create memories that last a lifetime.


Discuss topics that might interest your children, such as the latest books, movies and gadgets. Debate  who is going to win the next football match or political election. Get to know what is happening in their world.

Game night

Pick a day of the week to get together and play a board game, card game, charades or even a video game. If you have a garden or a pool then maybe you can indulge in some outdoor fun as a family.

Movie Night

Choose a movie, perhaps through a family poll, pop some corn and get the party started. Keep things interesting with theme food and décor and let movie magic drift you away.


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