No cure for the common cold?

No cure for the common cold?

Yes it’s true, to date there isn’t a cure for the common cold!

So when the season change, your little ones’ noses redden, a tickly cough develops, get ready to give them some much needed tender, loving, care.

Colds can erupt at any time during the year.  However, you and the family are not alone – in a recent survey conducted by Vicks (of 16,000 people across the globe) it stated that each of us suffers from over 200 bouts of common cold and flu in our lifetime, totalling up to 3 whole years of living with the sniffles.

Keep clean. Shared spaces are a hot-spot for germs to spread and it is a fact that germs can live on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours; so routinely disinfecting kitchen surfaces, door handles, games consoles and keyboards will help to stop germs spreading.

Be spotless. Studies have shown that hand washing can reduce the spread of common colds within the family, so make sure hands are washed frequently, especially after being in a public space.

Healthy from head to toe. Preparing healthy meals with essential nutrients and having a regular exercise routine, will help to strengthen your family’s immune systems and combat the first signs of a sniffle.

The cupboard is full. When miserable little faces turn to you for comfort, make sure you have plenty of cold and flu relief medicine in your cupboard. Vicks Vaporub is perfect for helping them breathe easier.

Sleepy time. Studies show that people who get less than 7 hours sleep a night are more susceptible to the common cold; a good night’s sleep is essential for allowing your body to recuperate, so bathtime should be steamy to help unblock the sinuses and heads should be raised up in bed to allow for easier breathing.


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