Healthy Eating: Food Mood

Certain foods do act as a balm for the soul and can actually have an impact on our mood - and on top of that they taste unbelievably good!


Pineapple: a fresh kick

Pineapple is bursting with vitamin C. The citrus fruit also boosts the production of the hormone serotonin - and lifts the spirits. Check out our video: “3 Super Smoothies For Super Health” (link: to get a delicious and nutritious pineapple smoothie called the Refresher!


Chili: Some like it hot

The capsaicin contained in chili creates a sharp sensation on the tongue . That can boost the release of good mood endorphins, which create the so-called pepper -high effect.




Raspberries: Pure soul food!

The little berries ensure that the protein building block tryptophan finds its way directly into the brain – that's great for lifting our mood! That happens even more quickly if the fruit is eaten in combination with yoghurt.



Coriander & Parsley: Seasoning for happiness

These herbs contain apiol – this essential oil stimulates, combats depression and lifts the spirits. Pregnant women should only consume small amounts of parsley. Apiol can stimulate the uterine muscles.



Chocolate: The classic

It really is true: Chocolate lifts the spirits. The reason: The sugar, fat and cocoa in the sweet bar or as a dessert boost the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain. So enjoy!


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