Learn how to make your own Detox Juices

Easy and delicious detox juices will help to improve your health, make you feel stronger than ever and give your immune system a boost!

Detox juices are excellent options for preventing against diseases, helping lose weight and also giving your skin the goodness it needs to look gorgeous. The best part is that these power juices are quickly made by putting all the ingredients in to a blender. Fast and easy!

Turbo Express to get strong

2 apples

A handful of spinach leaves

1 slice of cucumber

1 slice of lime

Half a celery stick

¼ pineapple

¼ avocado

Ice cubes

Cleanse your digestive system

2 apples

¼ cucumber

1 stick of celery

a handful of spinach

a handful of spinach

a handful of mixed green like parsley and watercress

Ice cubes

Control your blood pressure

2 apples

Half a pineapple

¼ mug of alfalfa sprouts

¼ mug watercress

¼ mug of parsley

¼ mug of kale

¼ mug of broccoli

1 tsp of wheatgrass powder

Ice cubes


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