6 lessons you can learn from the french

It often seems as though french women are just naturally chic and that they instinctively know how to knot their scarves with that air of nonchalance. France is full of women who are actually very ordinary they just don’t look ordinary!

So how do they manage to be so stylish without even trying? Is it in their genes?

Here are a few of their secrets:

1 - Always put your best foot forward

Lack of grooming and inappropriate clothing are unforgivable in France. They are seen as a sign that you are intellectually lacking, and, as a result, you won’t be taken seriously. A french woman will never wear sportswear and trainers unless she is actually playing sport or exercising. The only trainers that she might wear socially are those that are designed to look sporty, but are actually very trendy too.

Clothes must fit perfectly. Buy the best quality you can afford. Remember that your hair, nails and make-up are just as important as clothing when it comes to your appearance. French women don’t approve of bragging about brand names. It is regarded as bad taste to show off your wealth.

2 - Use every opportunity to be active

French women actually loathe exercise, but they face the dilemma of becoming overweight if they don’t stay active. So even though they often avoid the gym, they stay trim by making simple, yet obvious choices: they move around more and make being active part of their daily life. If possible, they walk everywhere they want to go. In general they prefer elegant forms of exercise and they prefer to do them at home.

3 - Use beauty products regularly and look after your skin

Young girls watch how their mothers remove their make-up and cleanse their faces, and learn to do the same subconsciously. It is actually the most important beauty tip that french women pass on to their daughters. In order to grow old gracefully, you must stay as natural as possible. As we get older, we simply have to go to more trouble to look well groomed, and french women realise this. So, they wear colours that flatter their complexion and their hair is well cared for and cut regularly and grey hair isn’t necessarily taboo. They also adjust their appearance as they get older, so that they always look natural. For example, they’ll opt for a lighter hair colour and less make-up.

4 - Turn your main meal of the day into family time

French school children get very good food at their cafeterias. There’s always a starter, main dish (with meat or fish, vegetables and a dairy product) and a dessert. This encourages the children to try all different kinds of food. Children are also strictly disciplined and are expected to take part in the conversation at meal times.

5 - Culture makes you interesting

French women realise being a interesting person requires more than mere beauty. You should also be literate and able to hold your own in a conversation. This is almost as important to them as their beauty regime. The same goes for culture, which is regarded as almost as important as fashion – an indispensable part of your life. For a french woman, humour, esprit and knowledge are very important.

6 - Learn to say “no, thank you”

French women enjoy delicious, decadent food, but they eat small portions. They are also very disciplined when it comes to sweet food, although they may treat themselves now and then. The rest of the time they eat very healthily, for example, steamed fish and vegetables for lunch, but when they eat out they eat whatever they like. The French also traditionally only buy enough food for that day, so they always cook with fresh ingredients.

They seldom eat ready-prepared food, which often contains preservatives and high amounts of fat.


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