How Living Coral can benefit your well-being?

How Living Coral can benefit your well-being?

With the beginning of the new year, what could be more important than setting new goals for your health and well-being? Especially if you’ve been delaying starting your gym membership or renovating your training area at home.
Since Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, evokes energy and vitality, we thought it could add some enthusiasm into your life and workout to better focus on achieving those goals. Here are our tips on how Living Coral can help you out on your road to health and happiness.   

Coral’s emotional benefits
Living coral comes from the sea. It was chosen for its warm and welcoming qualities at a time where people are craving human interaction and social connection.  Known for being soothing, according to Pantone, it “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”. So when you’re in need of a dose of optimism, search for all things coral around you.

Energize your wardrobe
When working out, are you more of a tank top or t-shirt person? Do you prefer leggings or sweatpants? It doesn’t matter cause the first step for getting in shape would be to choose workout clothes and gears that encourage you to hop on the treadmill or hit the streets. Several fitness brands have used the coral hue in their collections. So make sure to include this color when shopping for gym cloths. 

Equip yourself the right way
Whether you prefer to run the streets or go to the gym, adding a pop of color can also be through your equipment. Choose a gym bag or backpack in the coral tone, combine it with a water bottle and headphones in the same color. Play up your music and you’re ready to go.  

Keep the same energy at home
Don’t lose focus of your goals at home. If you have a training area, decorate using this color. Hang motivational messages and choose dumbbells in the coral hue and you’ll never need a better reminder to stay fit. It also helps to do the same even if you don’t have a dedicated area to train at home. Hang the message near the main entrance or where you can see it every day when leaving home. Hang the message near the main entrance or where you can see it every day when leaving home. 

Finally, remember that the first step is the most important for this journey. So take the lead and start living your best life.

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