How to take care of your skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy needn’t mean a bumpy ride for your sensitive skin, with these helpful tips.

Understanding skin changes during pregnancy
While a healthy ‘glow’ is the happy reality for many pregnant women, skin can also become more sensitive as your body changes. Here’s some gentle advice to see you through.

Dealing with a spot of bother 
It’s normal for your skin to get a little bit spotty during pregnancy, due to all the hormonal changes your body is going through. Still, you’re not powerless to tackle it; try adding a gentle face wash to your daily routine, don't scrub your skin too hard and always pat it dry rather than rubbing. Then follow up with a light face cream.

As always, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting a good night’s sleep will also help.

Smoothing the bumps 
When applying your daily moisturizer, don’t forget your growing bump. A gentle moisturizer can help reduce itchiness and may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks too. 

Enjoying the glow 
Good news; the 'bloom' of pregnancy really does exist.

That radiant glow is due to the fact that more blood is pumping around your body to support your growing baby. If you occasionally feel hot, or look a bit flushed or puffy, it’s because your body is doing its best to hang on to moisture. This is only temporary, but if you need a short-term pick-me-up, try applying a shimmer to your brows, cheek bones and eyelids and get your glow on that way.

Looking after yourself - inside and out - is vital during pregnancy. So be gentle on your skin to make going the full stretch a little easier.


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