Expressions Of The Heart

Your head may be the engine but your heart is the driver.

Contrary to what was initially believed, neuroscientists have discovered that 65% of the heart consists of nerve and not muscle cells. In other words, your heart is a thinking organ. Interestingly, King Solomon must have known this a long time ago when he declared “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” You’ll observe that he said in his “heart” and not in his mind. Literally this means that your heart has thoughts. It’s a sensory organ and part of the emotional response system that enables you to express emotions.

There’s great magic in your heart
Listen to the heart. The head may know the facts, but the heart knows the truth. We’re not set free by the facts but by the truth. Conquer your head, and submit to your heart. When the head and the heart are in harmony you’ll interact with the world empathetically. We live in stressful and confusing times. To thrive in this fast changing and discontinuous world, we need to be emotionally tough.

Our heart provides us with four distinct response capacities:

Emotional flexibility: the capacity to remain open and non-defensive in life’s highly stressed, competitive situations. This helps you to summon a range of positive emotions such as humour. It brings emotional balance, thereby preserving your creativity and problem-solving ability.

Emotional responsiveness: the capacity to be fully alive in the present. Through this you’re able to be yourself in the most positive and constructive way. You can be fully engaged in the moment.

Emotional strength: the capacity to summon high levels of positive emotional strength under the most stressful circumstances. Through this you’re passionate in the midst of storms, and you’re able to resist intense force.

Emotional resilience: the capacity to bounce back emotionally. Through this you can take an emotional hit, knowing that your problems didn’t come to kill your dream but to test it.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Love from the heart. Live from the heart. Lead from the heart. Listen to your heart and enjoy abundant living.

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