Things all good mothers think but never say out loud!

Some not-so-warm-and-fuzzy thoughts that even the best mothers have had. Read on and share yours with us!

We’re moms. We love our kids. We love their dimply little smiles and their funny little stories. But some not-so-warm-and-fuzzy thoughts always come to our minds. And it’s normal! It does not mean that we don’t love our children any less.

1. Could you please just BE QUIET already?

Mom! Where’s my backpack? Mommy! I said I needed a snack! MOTHER! Maya hit me! Sometimes you just want to stick your fingers in your ears and ignore every demand, every scream, every question, every blah, blah, blah. Just like they do.

2. Why can’t you try harder?

You never miss a football game, but you cringe every time your kid comes up to make a goal. He misses, he cries. You tell him he’ll get better, but you know he’s not even trying – despite loving the game. Maybe he feels overwhelmed, or he might benefit from trying a different sport or activity. Start the conversation and see how he responds.

3. Why can’t you be more like your cousin?

We all have one: a perfect niece or nephew who wows the grandparents with their perfect little manners at family functions. They’re almost not even human, their behavior is so impeccable. And then … there’s your kid. Your totally normal kid who acts totally age-appropriately.

He only seems “bad” compared to best-behaved Ahmed over there. Keep telling yourself that while he’s cracking open and slurping all the mini coffee creamers under the table with your other (also normal) nephew.

4. Why did I have a second child?

Or a third. Or a first, for that matter. (Kidding … mostly.) It’s totally normal to have these fleeting thoughts on brutally hard days when you feel like you can’t do it all. Just remember – you can do this, like you did yesterday and the day before.

5. Why aren’t you as good at [insert skill here] as [insert other kid here]?

Your best friend’s kid is the star of the soccer team. Your neighbor’s daughter wins every art contest at school. Your nephew came in first place at this year’s spelling bee. Don’t worry, moms – your child will have her day to shine, too. If she’s not worried about it, you shouldn’t be, either.

6. Please, please, please, sleep a little longer!

Even just past 6 a.m. on a weekend! And if I can’t have that, just take a decent nap for once. Or sit and watch TV with your older brother while I take a nap.

7. What would I do without you?

OK, so this is one that you should say out loud. It’s important for your kids to hear and you’ll erase all those negative thoughts every time you say it.

What not-so-nice thoughts do you admit you’ve had about your own kids? Write it on the comments below and share the experience with our mom community!


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