What kind of wife are you?

Answer our quiz and find out how your relationship is going and how you can improve to become a better partner!

The perfect wife is a myth. Every woman is different and every relationship has its own characteristics and demands. However, there are ways and different kinds of behaviors that can help you understand the strength and the weakness of your marriage.

1) When your husband goes out with his friends you:

a) Call him every hour to make sure he is fine and what time he's supposed to get home

b) Allow him to go out without questioning him, because I know I can be annoying

c) Normally, I go out with him and if we don't I don't mind doing my own activities.

2) How do you pick the perfect birthday gift for your husband?

a) We go to the mall together and I'll let him pick what item he likes the most

b) I ask him for 3 gift options he would like to receive and I pick the one I really think it would make him happy.

c) I can pick any gift as if it was for me, because our tastes are pretty much the same.

3) How do you and your husband talk about personal projects?

a) I just comment superficially because I don't want to bother him with subjects he can't intervene.

b) We don't talk about my projects because most of the time we are talking about his plans and I like listening to him.

c) Every time I come up with an idea that I have I share with him. I give him all the details and he always listens and helps me with insecurities I might have.

4) What do you do for fun?

a) We go together to the theater and exhibitions he's interested.

b) It depends on my husband's mood. If he doesn't want to go out we stay at home and watch movies he likes.

c) We look for activities that we both love like going to the park and to the cinema.

Most As: The maternal wife: your maternal instinct leads your life and even though it's normal that you worry about his wellbeing and safety, you may know that you both are adults and the most successful relationships are not based on obedience. If you feel like you can't stop acting like that, maybe it's time for you both to discuss about having children. This way you can be a mother for your kids and a wife for your husband.

Most Bs: The complacent wife: your concern to make your husband happy is so huge that you are capable to leave your interests and desires aside if you feel that it's going to make him happy. Looking for your husband's happiness is much appreciated, but remember that in a relationship you need balance from both sides. Try to talk to your husband to figure out a way so both can be happy without having to sacrifice your wishes.

Most Cs: The symmetrical wife: having the same interests as your husband makes you feel confident. It's important to make decisions together, to listen to each other's advice and to plan your objectives as a couple. This can make your life so much easier when challenges appear.


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