Which diet best suits me?

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Always wondering what type of diet you should go for?

If you’re tempted to follow a popular diet, there are basic guidelines to follow to ensure the diet is healthy and effective.

One thing to consider before starting a new diet: no two women are the same, so respect your genetic make-up.

1) Does the diet restrict you to one type of food?

A diet that restricts you to a certain food group for a set period, or allows you to eat certain foods at certain times only, is definitely a fad diet. A diet that asks you to avoid either carbs, proteins or fat can lead you to malnutrition as our bodies need a balanced diet to function properly.

2) Is it possible to keep going with the plan over the long-term?

While there is nothing wrong with taking a cleanse or a going through with a low-calorie jump-start, a proper eating plan should be sustainable. While a fad diet will help you lose a lot of weight quickly, the minute you stop your body will over compensate for the extreme calories deficits, which can lead to rebound weight gain and excess fat storage.

3) Does it sound too good to be true?

Does the diet have any of the following tag lines:

“All you need to do is drink this shake”, or “The fat just melts away”, “It’s that easy with this one single step”.

If so, it’s more than likely, too good to be true.

Don’t you think if there was a quick and easy way to lose weight, we’d all know about it and be doing it?

The fact of the matter is that losing weight at such a rapid rate is extremely bad for your body and the majority of the time all you’re actually losing is water and / or muscle mass. It’s almost impossible to lose body fat at such a fast rate.

The proper way to go

Slow and steady will always win the race, which is particularly true when it comes to diets and weight-loss. While this is not something everyone wants to hear, you need to bear in mind that you most likely spent years adding on those extra kilos – so trying to lose them all in a few weeks is unrealistic, and leads to unhealthy habits. So kick the fads, forget the hype and stick to the tried and trusted basics that really work to guarantee success.


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