Why coconut oil might help you lose weight

Thanks to its natural properties, coconut oil might help in weight loss without starving yourself.

Here are some benefits of this miraculous oil.

1. It could increase your metabolism
When our metabolism gets a little slower with age, we begin to gain weight. Coconut oil is ideal to give it a little kick. It was demonstrated by an investigation published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Start by taking a spoonful of coconut oil a day, and gradually increase it up to three as your body adjusts. It is very important that you choose organic or extra virgin oil because they maintain their natural properties.

2. It could improve digestion and reduce appetite
Coconut oil could help slow digestion, which would increase the feeling of fullness when you finish eating. So you would have less desire to munch here and there on those snacks that threaten your figure, because your appetite will decrease, and, consequently, you’ll consume fewer calories. When you slow your digestion you prevent after-meal sugar fluctuations by decreasing the amount of carbohydrates converted into glucose in the blood.

3. It could help to detoxify the body
Coconut oil could help you cleanse your body and prevent different ailments because it could contribute to create a balance in the digestive tract, while nourishing all the cells in the body. These benefits not only would help you to stay healthy, but to lose weight as well.

How to increase your intake:

You could begin by adding it daily to your recipes. Add a spoonful to your smoothie in the morning, a tablespoon and half, plus a teaspoon of vanilla to your coffee and it tastes very rich. It is one of the best oil for frying eggs or vegetables. As a suggestion, prepare brown rice and quinoa with coconut oil because it gives them a delicious flavor.

Consult with your health provider before making any change in your diet.


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